Friendship Dragon is here!

Starting Friday, April 17th, we will begin our Friendship Dragon initiative!  If you’ve been with us since #FriendshipMoose or #FriendshipSpellwing, then you likely already know how this all works.  If not, don’t worry! We’ve got you with all the information you need to know! Just like last time, we are raising money for charity (check our social media for the charity of the month) and are doing so with the help of our sponsors Elgato and Blue Microphones!

Before we dive in, the best way to stay up to date with our events, ask any questions you may have, and make new gamer friends will always be to join our partnered Discord server!

Much of this information is repeated there in our #FriendshipDragon channel for your convenience.

I want an Uncorrupted Voidwing, what are the requirements?

  • Have a level 120 character on North American/Oceanic/Brazilian servers on an account with an active subscription.
  • Have the Legendary Cloak (Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve).  It can be Rank 1, you just need to have it equipped.  If you still need to obtain the cloak, this handy guide from Wowhead tells you how.  It only take about 2 hours.
  • There is NO minimum item level or raid progression requirement. Please note: game systems prevent characters boosted to max level within the last 24 hours from entering an instance.
  • You must not have already killed Heroic N’zoth.  When choosing winners, we have a Twitch bot that checks to see if you already have the mount.  Don’t become a victim of the shame bell by entering if you don’t need the mount!
  • Our runs are completely free!  We do not accept gold or donations in exchange for a carry.  Donations to our charity of the month are greatly appreciated, but in no way required to win.

How do I enter the raffle?

  • Create a Twitch account if you don’t have one
  • Tune into the Twitch stream during one of our runs
  • Be logged into WoW and have your character parked outside the Ny’alotha entrance.  As a rule, we do not summon so that we can keep things moving and carry as many people as possible. If you are not in the instance when we need to pull the boss, you may be removed.
  • When the streamer indicates that the raffle is open, type !voidwing name-realm into Twitch chat
  • If chosen as a winner, follow the instructions given by the group leader. You will be instructed to hit the Psychus and then jump off of the ledge.  This is not your time to be a hero!  Please do not taunt, lust or battle rez.  If you are disruptive to the group, we will be forced to remove you. Thank you for cooperating!
  • Make sure you share your screenshots with us on Twitter and Instagram using #FriendshipDragon or on our Facebook page!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about this Twitch bot…

  • If your character’s name has an alt code, please include that when entering the raffle.
  • Your realm name should be entered just as it’s listed on the Realm Selection page. If your realm has a space, type it with a space (ex. Bleeding Hollow).  If your realm has an apostrophe, enter it with the apostrophe (ex. Zul’jin).
  • There is a very small percentage of luck given for every raffle you enter and do not win, and applies across all of our official streams.
  • The bot only recognizes a name-realm one time per entry, and additional entries will be invalidated, so there is no need to create multiple Twitch accounts or have friends try to help.  Similarly, the bot only recognizes one entry per Twitch account.

I have enough gear and/or knowledge of the encounter that I would really like to stay alive and help kill the boss.  Do I really have to die??

First, let us say that we appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to contribute to the kill.  However, it is really important that you follow the instructions given before the pull, which is to hit the Psychus when it spawns and then jump off the ledge.  Heroic N’zoth is one of the more challenging end bosses, and with lots that can go wrong, we want to make sure we eliminate any possible mistakes that can occur, even from just not knowing our strategy.  

If it’s important to you to be able to participate in the fight, we hold learning runs on a weekly basis that can be found in our Discord’s #events-and-announcements channel, and later in the expansion, we will be holding AotC runs where players who are reasonably geared can be lead through the encounter with an experienced group leader.  

If you want to carry as many people as possible, why don’t you just add more streamers/nights?

This was one of the most popular questions we got when we did a community survey at the end of #FriendshipSpellwing.  Finding streamers willing to stream these carries is never an issue… we could host runs 7 days a week, multiple times a day if that were the only consideration.  The real problem we’d run into is having the number of carriers needed to pull that off without completely burning everyone out.  Our carriers show up and donate their time because it’s a fun experience for them.  The moment we make it feel like a chore, they will stop coming, and carries will be no more.    

How many times do you kill the boss per night?  How many winners are chosen for each run?

These are the only questions we get that we don’t have a definitive answer to.  There are a lot of factors that determine how many groups we’ll run each night.  Having people who follow the rules and are logged in and at the instance definitely speeds things up.  Also, not wiping on the boss allows us to get more pulls in.  On average we will likely kill the boss 6-7 times per night, but that’s subject to change depending on those conditions.

How many winners chosen per run is also subject to change, not only from stream to stream, but from kill to kill.  Before we begin each night, we will look at our carriers for the night (both strength and number) and decide what will make the night go as smoothly as possible.  We may start with 5 winners and use that as a litmus test to see if we can increase the number. Again, our goal is to carry as many players as possible, so we will always try to bring in as many people as possible for each kill.


Why do we have to rely on RNG?  Can’t you just use a sign-up system?

1.  People don’t show up.  We tried this method briefly during WoD before realizing what an awful plan it was.  You tell people “On Monday at 7 PM EST it is your turn to get your mount.  Please be online and ready for an invite”, and undoubtedly multiple people will not be online and ready.   So now the leaders are in a position to say either, sorry but you move to the back of the line, or try to figure out which situations warrant letting them in on the next run.  It’s a no-win situation that puts someone in the position to be left with negative feelings… with the raffles done live on Twitch, you have to enter each time, which lets us know that you’re there, at your computer, available, and ready for a group invite, should you win.  (PS- this is also the reason why you have to enter each time instead of just entering once and it counting for all the raffles that night.)

2.  We don’t know how many people to sign up for each kill.  Because we don’t know how many or the strength of the carriers we’ll have for any particular carry night, we have no way of knowing in advance how many winners to choose for each kill.  If we draw 10 names, but we only have carriers able to carry 7, what happens to the other 3 who are on the schedule?  If we draw 7 names and have carriers who can carry more, that seems like a waste.  I haven’t seen the final numbers, but as far as the number of people who attempted to win our raffles, we are WELL into 5 digits, and to be totally candid, managing a spreadsheet with that many people is just a huge NOPE.

3.  We will help fewer people for the reasons listed above.  We did have the suggestion for a sophisticated web-ticket system, and perhaps if our Patreon reaches the point where we can set some money aside to pay someone to do that for us, we might consider that 😉

I have a disability that needs special accommodations, what should I do?

We can always make accommodations for special circumstances.  If you are in need of help, please message the Mod Mail bot in Discord and one of our Mods can advise you based on your individual circumstances.

I won the raffle and was in for the kill, but I didn’t get my mount!

Before you panic, make sure you don’t actually have [Spawn of Vexiona] in your bags. It’s the item that begins the quest to go see Wrathion in the Chamber of Heart. If you do not see this item, please see this article from Blizzard that provides instructions on how to get your mount. This usually happens because you opt to watch the cinematic after the kill and we have already reset the instance before you loot.  By the time the cinematic is over, you may be ineligible to loot the boss in the traditional way.

What bosses are included and how are you able to keep killing the same boss over and over again?

For #FriendshipDragon, the goal is to carry as many people as possible through a Heroic N’zoth kill.  Therefore we have someone for each faction that holds a lockout where 11/12 bosses have been killed.  That person resets the instance, lets all the carriers in, and then stays out of the raid for the kill so their lockout remains in tact.  Rinse and repeat!