About Us


Perky Pugs got its origins from the Horde #FriendshipMoose movement during the Warlords of Draenor expansion of World of Warcraft.  This goal of this movement was to help as many players as possible, obtain the Grove Warden mount, looted from Heroic Archimonde, for free.  Pug groups were notoriously filled with elitist attitudes, and other players were selling the mount for more gold than what the average player could afford on some low population realms.  This left players who didn't raid, feeling like they were going to miss out on their chance to get the magical moose!

To remedy that, we assembled a team of Mythic raiders to help carry over 4,700 players for free, so they wouldn't be left behind, mooseless.

Once the new expansion launched, we decided we were having too much fun to just abandon the community we had built, and Perky Pugs was born. We have activities that players of all skill level can partake in and lots of friendly people to help point new players in the right direction.

We believe in an attitude of patience and kindness, and no pug willing to learn and try, is ever left behind.  If this sounds like the kind of environment you'd like to be in, then click here to join us!