Greetings! With the August 14th Battle for Azeroth release date announced last week, we've been inundated with questions about when the Violet Spellwing will go away, or when we will stop offering free runs.  This post serves to help answer those questions as well as provide some alternative methods to obtain the mount.  Just to give you a little update on what we've accomplished so far with these runs:

We've given out 2,507 FREE Violet Spellwing mounts

We've raised $9,503.95 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

We've known all along that the mount will be unobtainable once the pre-patch hits, but with a firm date announced, the panic has set in for those still hoping to get a free carry from us. Based on what we know from previous expansions, patch 8.0 will drop up to 4 weeks before the BfA release date, which could bring a mid-July end to #FriendshipSpellwing. That being said, we have no way to know for certain until Blizzard makes an official announcement, and our intention is to keep doing these runs up until the mount goes away.

The biggest factor that determines exactly when our carries will end, is having a pool of qualified carriers willing to continue to donate their time. We are currently 2 months into #FriendshipSpellwing, and have logged over 75 hours of free carries between both factions! This is happening while most of our carriers are still progressing through Mythic Antorus with their own raid teams, and it's inevitable that burnout will happen sooner than later, and many people take a break from the game ahead of a new expansion release. If you are still hoping to get your mount from us, or just want to see us continue, the biggest way you can help our cause is to talk to your geared pals, and have them sign up to be a carrier. Even if they aren't a Mythic raider, but have at least a dozen kills of Heroic Argus, I'd love to see them submit their info by clicking here! Carriers are the most valuable asset we have, and without them, we absolutely could not do what we do! While I'm on the subject of carriers, I want to sneak in the opportunity to express my gratitude for them, once again, by giving you links to their Twitters and Twitch streams, and ask that you please give them a follow and maybe shoot them a kind word <3.

In addition to our runs, you do have other options if you find yourself becoming impatient as we get closer to the end:

  • offers a listing of FREE Violet Spellwing runs from groups across NA/EU and for both factions. This website is updated daily and as new groups become active. If you want to start your own group and be included in this directory, join the FriendshipBirb Discord and shoot the staff a DM and we will help get you set up!
  • Individual Streamers There are a number of streamers who are a part of sales groups, and they've decided that rather than accepting gold for their spot in each kill, they will give their spot away to one of their stream viewers. We have a Twitch team where you can find these streamers when they are live! If you are a streamer and you giveaway free Heroic Argus kills, please DM me on Discord (Azorea#1270) and I will be happy to invite you to the team.
  • Purchasing a Run While we, as a group, do not offer sales runs, we have friends who do! We do not get any sort of incentive to refer people to these sales groups, other than knowing we can refer people to reputable sellers. If you are interested in buying a run, I will be posting some info in our Discord about that soon, and you can also DM me on Discord (Azorea#1270) for info. In general, any time you purchase a service in-game, please do your due diligence. Always make sure it's stated in chat what you're buying, what you get, and how much it costs. Usually the process goes: A seller advertises in trade chat, you whisper them to inquire about the run and settle on a price. When it's time for your run, you get invited to the raid group, you trade gold to the sales person, and are summoned to the instance. Once the group is formed, you'll likely be given instructions to hit the boss and then stand and die in the death fog (just like during our runs). As long as you follow directions, you should receive your mount plus any personal loot (make sure you grab a Seal of Broken Fate before going in for a chance at extra loot!). If you trade gold to someone and do not get what you were told, create a ticket with Blizzard immediately so you can get your gold back. Blizzard takes these scams very seriously.

If you'd like more information on how to participate in one of our FREE #FriendshipSpellwing runs, click here for the rundown.

If you'd like to donate to our St. Jude PLAY LIVE campaign, click here to donate.

Whether or not you've received your mount, the one big thing I'd love to stress to you is that you are all invited to join us in Discord to be a part of our community. Perky Pugs was founded during #FriendshipMoose and has thrived ever since! We offer weekly Horde & Alliance runs through various content and we plan to continue through Battle for Azeroth with things like leveling and gearing parties to help make the grind a little more fun. In addition to these runs and our Spellwing carries, we also currently offer free Keystone Master runs, since that artifact skin will no longer be obtainable after Legion, as well as upcoming classes called Git Gud University, which will cover the basics of things like how to use weak auras, reviewing your logs, and more! We have a great community in Discord, over 13,000 members strong and we'd love you to be a part of it!