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During Warlords of Draenor, we helped over 4,700 players obtain their Grove Warden mount at absolutely no cost.  We're back to do this again for the Violet Spellwing!  The Violet Spellwing is rewarded for killing Argus, the Unmaker on Heroic difficulty.

Since you're likely here to see how to go about obtaining your FREE Violet Spellwing mount, let's dive right in!  If you took part in the #FriendshipMoose initiative, this is all going to sound pretty familiar, but we'll start at the top!


  • Join the Perky Pugs Discord server linked above
  • Create a Twitch account if you don't have one
  • Tune into the Twitch stream during one of our runs (Horde streamers are AutomaticJak and Xyronic. Alliance streamers are Alphagare  and DCarter)
  • Make sure you FOLLOW the stream in order for the bot to see your entry. (Please note, following is free!  You are not required to subscribe, and no advantage is gained by deciding to do so.)
  • Be logged into WoW and have your character parked outside the Antorus entrance (you may have to complete a few tasks before you gain access to Argus, so don't wait until the run starts to do it!)
  • Wait until the streamer opens the raffle and enter using the info in the image above (we will choose several winners per run, with several runs per night)
  • When you are chosen, move into the #Spellwing-Winners voice channel for your faction and wait to be dragged into the carrier voice chat
  • Follow the instructions given by the group leader, make sure you hit the boss at least once, loot the boss, complete the quest, and BOOM....Violet Spellwing
  • Make sure you share your screenshots with us on Twitter using #PerkyPugs or #FriendshipSpellwing or on our Facebook page!


  • You have to have a level 110 Horde-US or Alliance-US toon to participate in one of our runs.
  • There is no minimum item level/boss experience required
  • No, this doesn't cost you anything except time and patience waiting to be chosen
  • Yes, you really have to be in Discord
  • Yes, you really have to enter the raffle on Twitch
  • No, we will not accept gold for a group invite
  • No, you cannot sign up to carry and bring your friends in for a kill
  • No, you can't come in for loot if you already have the mount (this is a good place to warn you in advance that we check EVERY contest winner to make sure they don't already have the mount before we pull. If you are only entering for a weekly kill, you're wasting your time and ours.  Don't be that person.)


Carrier applications (those who have a lot of gear and experience on the boss) are currently CLOSED.  We may open then periodically as time goes on depending on our need. We will announce that on our social media channels as well as via our e-mail blasts.

If you've read through these and still have questions, well....we have answers!  The fastest way to get your question answered is by joining our Discord server (link at the top of the page) and posting your question in #chatterpugs.  We have lots of people who know the ropes and can answer your question.

Every other avenue is manned by one person, so response time might not be super fast.  Feel free to Tweet us, write on our Facebook wall, or shoot us a message!


We are planning a 12 hour run for each faction prior to BfA- Dates and times coming soon!  Make sure you keep an eye on our social media if any changes are made or if we add extra runs!

For information on other runs, including EU, please visit FriendshipBirb.com!



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